Biden jokes with Canada’s Conservative leader about ‘loyal opposition’

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President Biden joked with Canada’s Conservative leader Friday, saying the United States ‘unfortunately’ believes that having differing political views is an act of loyalty. 

The remark came as Biden was escorted by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau into the House of Commons where he greeted dignitaries, senators, other party leaders and Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre. 

‘Pierre Poilievre, leader of His Majesty’s Loyal Opposition,’ Poilievre said to Biden as they shook hands. 

‘Loyal opposition?’ Biden asks.  

‘We believe that opposition is an act of loyalty in our system,’ Poilievre.

‘We do too, unfortunately,’ the president responded before moving on to meet the next person.

Some online criticized Biden, saying while the remark may have been a joke, it reflects poorly on him. 

Biden met with Trudeau on Thursday for the first of two days of discussions on several topics. The U.S. and Canada secured a deal to return illegal migrants crossing the northern border that was slated to be announced Friday. 

This post appeared first on FOX NEWS