MLB pitcher rips United for making pregnant wife clean up kid’s mess

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Toronto Blue Jays reliever Anthony Bass drew headlines this weekend after sharing his frustrations regarding an incident on a recent flight.

Bass revealed that his pregnant wife and two children were aboard a United Airlines flight and didn’t receive proper courtesy from flight attendants. Bass said that one of his children dropped some popcorn and his wife was forced to clean up the spill.

The situation didn’t sit well with him. Bass aired his grievance on social media in a slew of tweets that seemingly called out United Airlines for a lack of support. Bass’ wife says United provided her child with the popcorn. 

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Bass received backlash from fans on social media. Several people sided with the flight attendants and their initial reaction to the incident.

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He decided to respond to some of the comments that depicted his frustrations as entitlement.

According to Bass, the situation was handled internally. Bass is married to Sydney Rae James, who is the sister of Jessie James Decker.

This season, Bass has a 7.11 ERA in seven appearances for the Blue Jays.  

This post appeared first on USA TODAY